CSE ( Crypto Search Engine )

It allows you to save sensitive data and files in the Cloud.


Secure internal and external file sharing across platforms and a completely end-to-end encryption.

Fully Controllable

Centralized administration for enterprise management for a fully control of the solution.

High Performance

High performance encryption and search engine that can replace any existing (lower security) solution.

Protect your data

Protect / encrypt large amounts of data without slowing you down.


Encryption keys are owned, managed and stored only by the customer.


Thanks to the API developed can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Cloud secure

Eliminate unauthorized access and risk of exposure by removing the necessity to decrypt files to manage and search data in the Cloud.

Friendly Support

Reduce IT support costs.


  • Basic
  • up to 5 users
  • Email Support
  • Business continuity thanks to Cloud infrastructure
  • Pro
  • up to 10 users
  • Personalized assistance
  • Business continuity thanks to Cloud infrastructure
  • API for third-party applications
  • Enterprise
  • from 100 users
  • Personalized assistance
  • Business continuity thanks to Cloud infrastructure
  • API for third-party applications

CryptoLab was founded in 2009 as a research laboratory in the information security industry by Massimo Bertaccini, Tiziana Landi and Alessandro Passerini and deals with computer security.

Encryption is the mathematical basis for the determination of the codes that protect everything related to IT and digital security.

The importance of this science is critical to the development of innovative technologies such as cloud computing, virtual payment and in general for everything related to the Internet and electronic commerce.

The CryptoLab algorithms pose as a basis the principle of more security at a lower computational cost.


Here are the packages
CSE is software that enables the storage, sharing and text searches anonymously on Cloud.
CSE lets you save your files safely on Cloud. A unique feature is the ability to search without decrypting files, and without that Cloud is aware of the searches you have performed.
CSE uses standard encryption (AES-CBC-256) for saving data in the Cloud. The research in the files are encrypted and are made using proprietary protocols of CryptoLab. Communications are also protected by standard HTTPS protocol.
The CSE APIs are used to control the CSE by a third-party application.
The only information that CryptoLab collects are:
  • UUID of each virtual machine
  • type of virtual machine (Encryption Engine, Manipulation Engine, ecc)
  • IP address of the machines
CryptoLab collects this data for monitoring and verifying the proper operation of the installed systems and to ensure the proper use of software licenses.



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